Christmas Tree Light Stands

I have some 30' strands of 100 small Christmas cylindrical-like lights. 30' sections can be plugged into one another. The ends of the strand (cord) have a male and female plug with two small fuses in each. Each end of the stand has 2 wires, but when it reaches the first light, then there are three. What's that all about? Supposedly when lights go out, the rest will remain on. I've noticed that a stand seems divided into two sets of lights. Somehow it is possible that both sections can be on, off, or one on and the other off. How does this happen even though electricity seems to go to the next strand?

                          Wayne Watson (Nevada City, CA)

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Look more closely, and you'll likely find a third wire that goes from one end to the other, so the socket at one end is basically the same as the plug at the other.

Forget about what happens if a bulb blows. If they were in series, then every time you added a strand of bulbs, all the bulbs would get dimmer.


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