ac volt meter- read dc voltage?

i have an ac volt meter (0-12v). i wish to use it to monitor pc psu voltage across an led. I have tried it for 30s and it works, showing a steady, 'non shacky' 4v reading. So, is using a ac volt meter for dc volt reading recommmended ?.....

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Why not get a DC volt meter, and have an accurate reading?

A dedicated AC volt meter was not designed to read DC, and visa-versa.

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Nope. What does it say when you hook up a 9V battery?

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It sounds like the LED is being pulsed or modulated, at a frequency fast enough to appear continuous ("dc-like") to the naked eye.

The ac meter is NOT reading a dc (or "average") voltage, but rather is a measure of the modulating amplitude, or of the pulse amplitude & duty cycle.


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