XilKernel Problem on Spartan3 Board

Hello everybody, i'm building up a system where i need to use a Microblaze uP with a RTOS, and my option was the XilKernel that comes with Xilinx EDK. I'm using a Spartan3 starter board to test my system.

After reading the Xilinx documentation on XilKernel, and also after looking to some implementation examples i started to come my embbed program.

I'm building a simple test program with an Uart ISR to recieve some messages, validate them in one task and send them back in another task.

I've made all the Xilkernel configurations (just like in the working examples i've been looking to), OS defenition, OS configuration, Complier configuration (-lxilkernel), and i also included the xmk.h header file.

But i allways get the same compile error:

TELEC/Master.C: In function `int main()': TELEC/Master.C:72: implicit declaration of function `int xilkernel_main(...)' make: *** [telec/executable.elf] Error


this is when in the main routine i call the xilkernel_main() function, and my main task is just like it follows: [code:1:9b095c3f06] int main(){ xilkernel_main(); return 0; }[/code:1:9b095c3f06]

Hope someone can give me some hints. Thanks in advance

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Unless your log is incomplete, there is no real error.

Your LibGen flow is being interrupted, because the make command is invoked by a TCL interpreter in this case, and it is treating the make command's return code as error.

Try adding a declaration,

int xilkernel_main ();

in your C source file, before main().

- Vasanth

paulojf>Hello everybody, i'm building up a system where i need to use a

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Vasanth Asokan

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