Xilinx ISE 13.2 Verilog behavioural simulation in Command Line

Dear friends,

I am doing a project for nexys-2 spartan 3 board. To reduce time a first design a module in "iverilog.exe" and run using "vvp.exe". This is a very simple and fast approach. However sometimes there are real problems while trying to port the code to xilinx ISE. I did some research to see if Xilinx tools could be used for behavioural modeling. It seems that it can be done:

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However I am not sure weather or not I am using the "vlogcomp.exe" and "fuse.exe" commands correctly. My code gets compiled without error but when I try to run the executable obtained from fuse command. "the ....exe has stopped working". I have windows 7.

Hope I have put my thoughts to words correctly.

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