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i'm writing some software for the ppc405 on a virtex2pro using a standalone-environment (EDK6.2). At some point i need to do some memory alloctions. I read about xil_malloc in the xilinx-docs. But all i can find when enabling the "needs xil_malloc" checkbox is a xil_malloc.h (redirecting malloc-calls to xil_malloc). But i can find no implementation for xil_malloc, xil_free.. . When using xil_malloc the linker complains about udefined references to xil_malloc.

Using malloc works but takes a lot of space.

So if someone used xil_malloc successfully and could give me a hint where to find it?

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I have got the same problem with EDK 6.3 for a powerPC on a V2P OS = Standalon

I opened a webcase on Xilinx web site. I will tell you if they sa

something new about this case


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