The use of analog switches as level translators

At least Analog Devices and also Fairchild propose analog switches as level translators to interface eg 1.8V logic to 3.3V logic. I fail to recognize how this is going to work. The Low state is understood, it is just pulled down, but how is a 1.8V output high propagated to a 3.3V high by just a resistor ?

Apart from the analog switches, what alternative are there to interface an 1.8V FPGA to normal 3.3V or 5V logic ? Yes, switchable bidirectional, or auto bidirectional is preferred. Else what unidirectional solutions are there ?


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Rene Tschaggelar
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something like this?

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and TI and Philips also have expanding families of dual-Vcc translators. Dual Vcc works much better at low-power than the limiting resistor kludges ( tho with FPGA icc's that probably gets lost )

Also, there are Low power CPLDs like the XC2C32A Coolrunner, and Atmel ATF1502BE that have Dual VccIO, so can also do 'smarter' level shifting tasks.


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