Re: highly-parallel highspeed connection between two FPGA boards

Tanks for your answers so far!

> >Oay, to make it more precise: I'm looking for an interconnect system >(multi-channel plug + receptacle) for 24 differential pairs at signalin >rates of 3 - 6 Gbps per channel. >

That is an astonishingly high data rate (~70 Gbps to ~150 Gbps)! I won' ask what it's for, as I suspect you wouldn't be able to tell us. ;-)

How far is the system architecture defined? Instead of a 'Digital' board 'DAC' board, could you do it with a series of 'Digital + DAC' slices, eve if that meant replicating some of the functions in each slice?

On a previous project, the high potential interconnection data rate rendered the 'obvious' approach non-viable, and so a mor communication-friendly architecture had to be developed.

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Hi Maurice, Dunno if this fits your requirements, but these are cheap and v. fast. Maybe

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HTH, Syms. p.s. Looks like 'bottom entry' is the way to go!
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