JTAG USB Circuit

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anyboydy knows how to find the circuit or schematic fo make an JTA
USB  cable

Re: JTAG USB Circuit
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I think ftdichip.com has an application

Al Clark
Danville Signal Processing, Inc.
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Re: JTAG USB Circuit
Wouldn't it be slick if Xilinx would offer USB as one of the available
configuration modes for their FPGA config memories!

FTDI does have the hardware, app notes and drivers to write your own JTAG
programmer.  For us lazy people, I wish somebody had some canned software to
do this.  Maybe someday I'll get off me buns and do this...

-- Ed

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Re: JTAG USB Circuit
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They do... You can buy the "USB Platform Cable" for about $150. It's the
same as the Parallel Cable 4, just hooks up to an USB2 port. Works much
more reliable than the parallel cable.


Re: JTAG USB Circuit
Yeah, but system generator does not seem to support the cable. At least
in my setup ISE, and chipscope find it, but Sysgen demands Parallel
Cable 4.

Anyone have a different experience?


Re: JTAG USB Circuit

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... well.... that's not exactly what I was thinking of.  I was thinking of
the USB built into the part.  This way you could just add a USB connector to
your board and not worry about users buying programming cables.

I know this can be done adding an FTDI part to your design and then using a
JTAG programmable memory such as the ST combo Flash/SRAM memories and using
a Xilinx Spartan 3E part ... whenever those are out.  But I still think it
would be nice to cut the part count down further.

-- Ed

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