interrupt handler problem

Hallo to all

I use memec development boart with virtexIIpro with ppc_405. I hav

designed my own IPCore witch a interrupt signal And there i have a problem witch the Interrupt Handler. When Noncritical Interrup accur the ppc stops and only way go further i to turn it off. I have debugg it and i saw that, when the interrup accur it goes to vectrortable 0x0500 store the register and the begin calculate the address of my handler. And there is th Problem!!! By calculating it stops and the PowerPC make notihng mor :-

I think it could be a timing problem with my external SDRAM but i'

not sure Can me somebody help there Thanks

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Hello digi,

I am using ML310, but still working with ppc_405. Recently, I used uart_interrupt. In my case, the following step was needed to initialize interrupt hanlder.

  1. initialize the exception handler (XExc_Init(); ) 2. register the external interrupt handler(noncritical intc) to Exception handler. (XExc_RegisterHandler( ..... )) 3. register uart interrupt handler to the external interrupt handler.(Xintc_RegisterHandler (.... )) 4. And followed enabling commands (please see PPC_ML310_Tutorial_6_3.pdf and Platfor Studio User Guide)

If your vectortable failed to calculate your interrupt handler, I think you should check the handler registration part first.

good luck.


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Sewook Wee

Hallo Sewook We

thank you for replay

I have fixed the problem :-

But just for Info

I have on my Board 64MB SDRAM. But i have initialize only 32MB im ED

and so there was i timing problem! After i initialize 64MB in EDK th interrupt is going


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