How feasible is a SoC project?

I'm just an undergrad student, but I am interested in getting started in some FPGA projects. I would really like to some day build up a usable SoC system to play with. has been fun site to read through. I envision something with a RISC core, ethernet, usb (HID) and some sort of vga/lvds/dvi. What would be the best way to get started? Can you recommend some software and a EVB for someone learning the basics but wanting to expand over time? Thanks in advance!

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The Spartan-3 board is designed by Digilent

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They have a few peripheral boards you can add on to it, like additional memory, USB2, or Ethernet interface.

I have an old Spartan 2 board from them and got now an USB2 interface for it. The interface connectors are the same, so I can use that interface with the new Spartan-3 board offered via Xilinx as well.

Like their concept about the interface, though the board gets big when you add all the peripherals on the outside of it.


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