Dual Independent Aurora Links on One GTP Tile

Hi all, Hope to get some guidance here.

Target device is the Virtex-5 SX50T on the ML506 eval board. I'm trying to build two independent Aurora links on one GTP tile. Independent meaning the two links will have to start/stop transmitting separate data streams individually. Data rate, clocks, resets, etc. can be the same.

I opened a webcase with Xilinx. They told me this is not one of the supported modes of operation of the GTP, they can not provide any guidance. The application engineer said that he've heard about other customers that have done something similar, and he believes that they've got it working. Other than telling me this is possible, no other help was offered.

So I go ahead and generated the VHDL example code from ISE's CoreGen wizard. I use two switch signals from a DIP switch on the eval board and called them tx_select(1:0). Hoping to use them to disable individual lanes.

I tried AND-ing tx_select(1:0) with signals like TXINHIBIT0, TXINHIBIT1, TXPOWERDOWN0 and TXPOWERDOWN1 in gtp_wrapper.vhd with no success. When I do that, the lane_up signal for the disabled lane will be low, but the channel_up signal will be low as well. Meaning no transmission if one of the lanes is down. I even saw that on the scope.

I would like to enable/disable the transmission of one lane without affect the other. Any help will be greatly appreciated,

TIA! Scott

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