ANNOUNCE: SiliconBlue Pioneers New FPGA Technology for Handheld, Ultra-Low Power Applications

SiliconBlue Pioneers New FPGA Technology for Handheld, Ultra-Low Power Applications

Monday, SiliconBlue(tm) announced a revolutionary new class of single-chip, ultra low-power FPGA devices that set a new industry standard for price, power and space along with unprecedented ASIC-like logic capacity for battery-powered, handheld consumer applications. Manufactured on TSMC's 65nm LP (low-power) standard CMOS process, the new single-chip iCE(tm) family of FPGAs incorporate the company's proprietary NVCM (Non-Volatile Configuration Memory) technology, eliminating external flash PROM costs while making it easy-to-use.

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iCE for Handhelds:

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iCEman65 Evaluation Kit:

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iCE65 Ultra-Low Power FPGAs
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Price of the iCEman65 Evaluation Kit ( & SW?)

Errata sheet for the E.S. silicon ?

Schedule for final silicon and production release ?

Device Programming times ? ( Special programmer needed ? )

Device programming yields ?


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Jim Granville

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I wonder if mr. sales -AT- (?) even knew there was a discussion here about them. Perhaps there could have been comments about how many customers have received the iCEman65 eval kits or when devices might be available to people like those who frequent this newsgroup.

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