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Anyone an idea about the availability and pricing of their
starter kit. The new Fusion line looks very interesting.
Almost all needed stuff on-chip - I'm only missing some
larger SRAM for microprocessor applications.


Re: Actel Fusion

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399 EUR, I already ordered it


Re: Actel Fusion
I agree.

Can anybody clarify its partial reconfiguration abilities (or lack
thereof)?  The only clear statement I could find wasn't from Actel:
"In addition, Fusion chips will be run-time reconfigurable, capable of
reprogramming some of their functions as often as every clock cycle."

The datasheet talks about the "Flash Memory Blocks", but I can't tell
if this includes the configuration data or if it is strictly user

If this is where the configuration data resides, that's great
-- the FMB's are internally accessible through a pretty decent
interface (very ICAP-like).

If not, then:

  1. Do you have to completely blank the device in order to change
     any part of the lut/routing configuration [like Altera]?

  2. Can you alter the configuration data from within the device
     (ie without the JTAG port) [like Xilinx]?

  3. Can you reconfigure on a cell granularity [like Atmel]?

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