5V non-volatile reprogrammable FPGA/CPLD

What are the 5V or 5V tolerant options for non-volatile, reprogrammable, In System Programmable logic, capable of storing at least 400 bits ?

Does anybody knows of another flash-based FPGA vendor besides Actel and Vantis/Lattice?

Regards, M=E1rcio.

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Look at the Xilinx XC9500 series CPLDs. 9500 is 5V, 9500XL is 3.3v - not sure if it's 5V tolerant. Also look at XIlinx Coolrunner devices. but what do you mean by 'store 400 bits'...?

Altera, Atmel

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Mike Harrison

Of ROM or RAM ?

Altera have the MAX II, tho they 'forgot' to put RAM in that (unlike the lattice MachXO), so that will struggle on 400 bits, and also on the 5V aspect.

Atmel have a dual-die version of the FpSLIC - loader in the same package, and that process is old enough to still be in the 5V realm.

The uPSD from ST, have small CPLDs and easily meet 400 bits/5V/Flash items.

Actel have some waffle on their comming Fusion devices, but it is presently mainly a waste of designer's time - lots of power-point froth, and no specifics. Might this have 5V pins - who can tell ?


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Jim Granville

and Jim Granville wrote:

I mean 400 flip-flops (or 400 bits of RAM), for implementing control registers, base address and end address registers, and if possible, a mini buffer.

Mike and Jim, thanks for the advice. I'll take a better look in these devices. Thanks.


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MAX II EPM1270 can easy store the 400 bits in the 1270 available registers and has 3V3 I/O combined with PCI clamp diodes in 1 of the 4 I/O banks that can make the input 5V tolerant with a single resistor.

Price could be an issue, contact your local disti for that.

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