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Radio controlled blimp, or flying saucer, or whatever. Also r/c bathtub toy...... CRAZY!

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I got one of the blimps for christmas a couple of years ago. Quite fun, but rather noisy. Scared the sh*t out of my cats.

I note this is yet another site which has "the smallest wireless video camera". I've yet to see another as small as the ones I use.


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Tim Auton

One time, Eddie Murphy was a guest on David Letterman, and they were playing with a couple of those things. One was a blimp, about 6' long. As it happened, Murphy had occasion to grasp the tail end of the blimp near his lap, so it was jutting forth at about a 15 degree angle. From his lap. He remarked, "Yeah, that's about right." The crowd died. Dave almost shit. ;-)

Did you check out the little tiny blimp-cam? It says you can receive the signal "with any manually-tuned color TV." I wonder how hard it'd be to put a proper little transmitter in it.

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Rich Grise

Did you see that "flying saucer" that hit World headlines?

In England, Channel 4 assembled a group of model experts - with the intention of creating a flying saucer that could fool people. These people got together and made a design. Parts were specially ordered from around the World, and the main body - a balloon - was specially designed and made for them. Companies supplying the parts could not be told what it was for, the secret must not get out.

The balloon had to be returned several times, to be made to look right. Unfortunately, it weighed more than the manufacturer had said it would, so changes had to be made to the mechanics to lighten the rest of the craft - so it would fly.

On the day, they split up... each with a remote control and a walkie-talkie so that they could take control as it came into their area. They flew it over a small village, making sure to avoid roads (not wanting to cause an accident with the distraction) and that it flew within view of a crowded pub - changing direction while in their view. When it was out of view, they landed it in a field, quickly dismantling it and shoving it in their vehicles.

Sure enough, people had taken photos and video footage, and the "sighting" was shown on TV in several countries... people were fooled.


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L. Fiar

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