Re: VCR records ok, but no playback - what's wrong?

... makes perfect sense. Thank you, John. I will try cleaning those heads again. Regards, Bob.

It is possible for a dirty head to record ok but playback very poorly i.e. > Below the video mute level "Panasonic blue screen" That is because on


the signal is a relatively high applied current generating a large


field but on playback only a very small signal is picked up from the tape. > Also remember that this applies to all the heads on the tape path so don't > forget to clean the control head as well as the video heads. This is the


on the bottom of the last head assembly before the pinch roller. > Hope this helps John. > > >
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Bob D
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That silver drum isn't the head. It's the carrier for several heads. Some machines have separate record and playback heads. You may be lucky.

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Laurence Payne

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