Looking for a sensor or devise, that indicates a forward and a reverse movement

Does anyone know of a devise or sensor that can indicate a signal or no signal for a forward movement, but have a signal for a reverse movement? Or is it impossible to do? I am open to any other solutions that someone can tell me

Description of project is that

1=2E It has a flat surface to mount to 2=2E It has wheels for mobility for the movement of a forward or reverses (push or pull) 3=2E Power supplied 12v DC 20amp 4=2E To be used for out-door use, subject to extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Example: Take a child's red wagon being pulled or pushed in different directions. Pull the wagon towards you and walk "prefer a signal Stop "prefer a signal Push the wagon backwards "signal " Now pull the wagon towards you and walk "prefer a signal

The specs should fall into this area Sensor Specifications:

1=2E Bi-Directional 2=2E 1-3 phase signal, reverse motion and stationary (non movement) 3=2E Generate a signal reverse or opposite direction from a forward motion 4=2E Time delay adjustment 5=2E Temperature rating -40=B0C - +50=B0 6=2E .5v - 12v DC .01amp 7=2E Sealed unit 8=2E Weather proof 9=2E .002% accuracy
  1. Vibration tolerance adjustment
  2. To be used in an external application only
  3. No moving parts or external reference
  4. Non magnetic
  5. PC programmable

Something like a digital compass? I'm not that experience in this field

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doppler device ?

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