Component value for this simple circuit

I have a microphone which needs to be powered by a socket with "Plug- In Power".

My tape recorder does not provide "Plug-In Power" so I want to build a simple inline power unit to drive the microphone through its usual plug.

In the following PDF (bottom of page 1) is a circuit to do this.

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The circuit is dead simple but I am not too hot on electronics so I would like to ask you what value of capacitor should I use?

BTW do you think 2.5v is high enough?



Other circuit

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The voltage is fine. The capacitor values depends on the thing you are connecting it to and the bandwidth that the microphone covers. They may easily not be needed at all (eg may already be built into the tape recorder), but will do no harm to include them.

A ballpark figure is to try, say, a 10uF, 12v electrolytic. These have a

  • and - terminal, so get them the right way round, as shown on the diagram.. But you would probably find that anything from 0.5 to 100 would work reasonably well..
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Sue, I like your style.

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