wlan ; PRISM II ; HFA384x- Transmit problem

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I have succesfulLy initiated and enabled the MAC. I'm able to
associate with the AP: The MAC status (RID FD40) for MAC port #0
reproted as "Connected to ESS"(0x0004), The BSSID (RID FD42) returns
the correct AP mac address and RX packets are recieved correctly. The
problem is with transmit :
1. I'm allocating a buffer for TX with Reclaim bit set.
2. Im getting Alloc event interrupt and reading the FID for TX from
AllocFID register.
3. I'm transmitting a packet using the above FID. The control frame :
TxContrl field = 6 (MAC Port 0, 802.3 format, TxEx + TxOK set); the
Control frame is transmitted using offset=0 and len14%. The 802.3
Header info : destAddr = 0xffffffffffff(broadcast), SrcAddr =
OwnMACAddr value, and length of the data section. The header info+Data
are transmitted using offset 46 and len = DataLen+14.
All is done according to the documentation. When transmitting, I get
TxExc event interrupt, and "Discon"(0x0004) bit is set in the Status
Whats wrong with my TX procedure ?

Re: wlan ; PRISM II ; HFA384x- Transmit problem
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Just in case the good people of this newsgroup think I'm wilfully ignoring
your question, here for the record is the answer I emailed you earlier this

I did find the PRISM transmit code remarkably difficult, since the chipset
seems highly intolerant of any programming errors. It would take a very
detailed explanation to answer your question, so the only way I can help is
by referring you to our source code, which is modestly priced, and should
save you sufficient time & effort that you can justify the commercial
license fee.

Sorry I can't help, but like anyone else, I do have commercial constraints.

Jeremy Bentham
Iosoft Ltd.

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