Which Embedded Pascal Best?

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I have been programming with PC based Pascal compilers (Turbo Pascal,
etc.) for a long time. I now need to program 8051 and AVR uC and would
like to stick with Pascal. I have seen the Embedded Pascal's from
E-lab and The Embedded Pascal Page but would like feedback from users
as to how they compare to each other? Which one is more powerful,
flexible, fastest?



Re: Which Embedded Pascal Best?
On 19 Aug 2003 20:12:57 -0700, rob snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (Rob Derrow)

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I finished about 20 AVR projects with Rainier Lamers Embedded Pascal
in the last three years successfully. So far, I can recommend the
compiler. The compiler produces compact and stable code. The syntax is
close to Turbo Pascal/Delphi.

However, I have big troubles with the latest Version 2.11. I reached
an internal compiler limit with one project (app. 5000 lines of code).
I reported the problem to Rainier in April and he promised to increase
the internal limits. This did not happen. Since he did not response to
mails, I am afraid that he might be out of business.

Regards, Bernd Mueller

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