What happened to www.picmodules.com?

I had the above website bookmarked. They sold PIC modules and other items such as LCDs. I was particularly interested in the board which allowed a Nokia colour LCD to be plugged in. They also sold the colour LCDs. The website appears to have gone, although a few screens of web statistics have replaced them.

The website (if I am remembering the right one) was particularly professional in its appearance. The PIC modules were as good as any I have found using web searches.

Looks like I waited too long before deciding to finally order!

I have used Google and can find postings from " snipped-for-privacy@picmodules.com" until around Nov 2006. I thought that I had visited the site more recently.

Can anyone shed any light?



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Hi Gary, I used to run picmodules.com myself on a part time basis. I decided that would share (sell), the boards that I made myself for fun and genera development purposes. In a short space of time the website consumed all o my spare time and I was unable to sustain a reasonable level of change t the site, or support. At one point I was spending many hours per nigh helping people design their equipment based on the modules that I wa selling. Because the boards I was selling were quite cheap, I was unabl to make enough profit to make picmodules.com a full-time job for me.

I had to make a time-based and financial decision and I ended up takin down the site so that I could spend time on the projects that untimatel pay for my mortgage etc.

I apologise to anyone reading this who may have been inconvienienced b this decision.

Of course I still have the ability to make and use the modules which I us myself when prototype building (as was the original purpose for th modules).

It may be that I bring the site back sometime in the future, but under different name and with a more diverse range of 'products', but for no I'm concentrating on other things.

Regards Jim

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