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Recently I have got specifications for one project. One of the input is "voice" for the module. It is written for that; INPUT:

  • 1 no. of voice channel with 8KHz bandwidth(duplex)with 600/70-ohm selectable impedance.
  • Electrical characterstics:600 ohms input impedance(transformer coupled) 2-wire input provides 28 volt to power a telephone hand set.


  • 2 wire output
  • 600 ohm output impedance(transformer coupled)
  • 28 volt output for powering a telephone instrument

There are few other inputs coming in to the module ,we have to MUX them together and send through multimode fiber link to other end.Similarly we need to DEMUX them and route them to the appropriate lines.This all stuff we are doing in a FPGA. Actually I never worked on voice systems.Thus I am not able to understand voice specs properly . I suppose I may need to put a CODEC and SLIC.

Can anybody plz claify this specs for voice and what way I may need to process this voice input to meet the given specs.

Anticipating your cooperation. Thanks in advance

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