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I am looking for a video game board to design fairly simple games like pokers where there is not a lot of high perfomance graphics required, some sound would be nice, and NTSC output.

We are willing to buy off the shelf equipment or build it ourselves also we can do both here, we have just had no luck seeing anything on the web or in magazines of this nature.

Thanks! Richard.

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Richard Sloan
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sounds like c64/atari XL


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XGameStation Micro Edition $199

Nurve Networks LLC

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December's issue of Circuit Cellar had a blurb about it.

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Hi Richard, Also I have to develop some gamblings machine. I am thinking about using the Merlino Board of Seventech

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for this purpose. In the dev kits of the Merlino Board, include also a demo C++ source code of a slot machine and a library of C++ obj, thought for developing gambling machine. It has the cc-talk bus to drive coin hopper and coin acceptor. It has even the Jamma interface (standard for the europa) for the I/O and power. I don't know if it is possible to have an NTSC video output, PAL surely yes. But it is better perhaps that you directly ask to the Seventech. To me, they has said that can realize a lot of customizations. Renato

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I have been following the site for about a year now. They designed their own game system and provide development tools and a book detailing their work

Dr> I am looking for a video game board to design fairly simple games like

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I/O and

JAMMA, as the acronym implies, is a Japanese standard.

Why are you guys talking about composite video output? Arcade machines use separate analog RGB with either separate or composite sync on a separate line(s).

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