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Dear Friends,

I am working on 89C52 processor with sdcc compiler. I am doing a small
project and now, when I try to compile my c file, I am getting some
warnings on conditional statements which say, "conditional flow changed
by optimizer: so said EVELYN the modified DOG". I am not able to
understand this message.

Can anyone help me in this regard.


Re: SDCC warning
  "conditional flow changed
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Somebody's sense of humour. Try compiling with optimisation turned off.

Paul Burke

Re: SDCC warning

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As the first part of the message states, it is warning you about something
the optimiser has done.  This is normally benign, but you should check the
compiler output at that point to ensure you are happy with the optimised

The second part of the message "so said EVELYN the modified DOG" I believe
is a song name or lyrics (by Frank Zappa???).  An attempt at geek humour.
Ignore it.


Re: SDCC warning

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Back in the day, I worked with a guy who edited the string section of the
compiler exe (MSC5.1, IIRC) on his workstation to make the warnings and
errors more... colorful, shall we say?  I couldn't condone the practice, but
it was amusing. I don't know anything about sdcc - is it possible that the
OP is using a copy that has been modified by some similar joker?


Re: SDCC warning

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Mine is a 'clean' install, and says the same thing.


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