RS485 to Ehternet/IP convertor

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we are designing a system which requires comminucation with remote
rs485 devices.  We are looking at some sort of RS485 -
Ethernet(internet) convertor.  The plan is this: 1) install a rs485 to
ethernet convertor at each device location 2) obtain a internet
connection(static ip possibly) for each device 3) setup a
server/custom sofware to poll each device at regular intervals or on
demand 4) create a web based front end to view/edit values from each

My question is.. 1) What device do you reccomend? 2)anyone who has
done this, can you share your experience.

Thanks In Advance,

Dean Mathews
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Re: RS485 to Ehternet/IP convertor
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Look at the EtherPad Baseline 485 or Etherpad Lite/Duo at

If you don't want to have to rewrite your software to handle TCP/IP,  you
could install the serial redirector software (SerialAnywhere) that will
create a virtual serial port on the machine that the software runs

An alternative solution could be to use the web server on the EtherPad
product, and using scripting, write a small script that interprets and
present that data being polled on the 485 side of things in  a web page. All
you then have to do is point your browser to the IP address of the EtherPad,
see the ABB demo at for an example
of how this works..
It is even possible to have one script running on a single Etherpad that can
talk to other EtherPads, but present all the data in one webpage....


Re: RS485 to Ehternet/IP convertor
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Take a look at this device:

Best regards,


Mostafa Kassem
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Re: RS485 to Ehternet/IP convertor
On Thu, 21 Aug 2003 11:50:58 GMT, Mostafa Kassem

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Another vendor...Go to


Re: RS485 to Ehternet/IP convertor

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And another one.


Re: RS485 to Ehternet/IP convertor
Hi Dean.

The others have suggested devices which connect to async serial
ports and send/receive the data to IP connected clients.  If you
are looking for a device that connects to synchronous serial
remotes, that's what we do.  The SyncServer comes with client
libraries for Linux and Windows (source also available), sample
application source and is configurable with a web browser. wrote in message
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