Prototyping BGA's

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I've got to build up ~5 prototypes with a 256-BGA on it.  I figured I could
place the parts on the boards and then put 'em in my wife's oven for 20
minutes at about 450 degrees.  But then I though, "hey I have no idea what
I'm doing so I'd better ask around.."

So I'm asking around.  What's the most cost-effective way to tool up to put
BGA's on prototype boards?


Re: Prototyping BGA's
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Hi Ian

I'm afraid that putting them into your wifes oven will make both of
you unhappy.

There is a (german) page a guy set online which built an aparatus for
exactly this purpose see: /

Then, a maybe even better solution are the "Solder Quick" thin balls
from Emulation Technology ( ) (search for BGA Rework
Stencils) which alow to easily apply solder paste and if you use SNBi
solder, you can solder them at a temperature of around 300 degrees
farenheit only. This relatively low temperature is having the
advanteage that the balls of the bga's dont' melt but the solder paste
does. That said the advanteage is that you easily can take the BGA's
off the PCB later on and reuse them and most impotantly that the
handling is much easier. You then would equip your board as usual, and
put the BGA's on it as the last step. I haven't tried this myself yet
though but I belive this could work out well.



Re: Prototyping BGA's
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thats awsome! thanks for the link


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