Program Announcement and Registration Open: 6th MAPLD Int'l Conference

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               Program Announcement and Registration Open

                   6th MAPLD International Conference

           Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
                           Washington, D.C.
                         9-11 September 2003

   Over 110 papers on programmable devices and technologies and
   related aspects of digital engineering will be presented at
   the 6th Military and Aerospace Programmable Logic Devices
   (MAPLD) International Conference.

   This year, there will be special emphasis on the following themes:

       Reliability of Hardware and Designs; Fault Tolerance
       Reconfigurable/Adaptive Computing Systems
       Long-term (> 15 years) Space Missions
       Hardware and Software: The Line is Blurring
       Radiation Hardening by Design
       Digital Signal Processing with Programmable Devices
       Design Security
       "War Stories" and Lessons Learned

   CONFERENCE HOME PAGE - contains registration
   information, paper titles, authors, and abstracts, as well as
   biographies of all invited speakers and Panel Session members.  Late
   abstract submissions will be accepted for the Poster Session.

   Invited Speakers Include (more to be announced):

      Theron M. Bradley Jr.          Greg Hinckley
      Chief Engineer, NASA           President, Mentor Graphics Corporation
      "Welcome and Opening Remarks"  "Mil/Aero and PLD's: A CEO's View"

   SEMINARS - Two seminars will be presented:
   "Advanced Design: Digital Signal Processing, Programmable Device
   Architecture, and Military/Aerospace Applications" and "Reconfigurable
   Computing: FPGA-Based, General Purpose, High Performance Systems."

   PANEL SESSION: We will have leading engineers and managers on our
   panel for a spirited "discussion." One question left open from the
   2002 panel on "Why Is Mars So Hard?" that will be discussed at the
   2003 panel is ...

                       "Why Is Software So Hard?"
             A Discussion of the Technical, Programmatic, and
           Political Factors That Have Lead To Failures Over the
               Last 40 Years and Its Impact for Future Systems

         James Tomayko      Carnegie Mellon University
         Paul Cerruzi       National Air and Space Museum

      Opening Case Studies:
         Tony Spear, JPL    Magellan and Mars Pathfinder

      John P. Dimtroff      Aircraft Certification Engineer, FAA
      Jack Garman           Lockheed-Martin (NASA, retired)
      Nancy Leveson         Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT
      Jim Lewis             SynthWorks Design Inc.
      Fred Martin           Averstar/Intermetrics
      Steven S. Scott       Chief Engineer, Goddard Space Flight Center
      Kevin Tones           NASA Johnson Space Center


       Applications: Military and Aerospace
       Systems and Design Tools
       Radiation and Mitigation Techniques
       Processors: General Purpose and Arithmetic
       Reconfigurable Computing, Evolvable Hardware, and Security
       Birds of a Feather: Reconfigurable Computing
       Poster Session

   The 6th MAPLD International Conference is hosted by the AIAA and the
   NASA Office of Logic Design.


      Actel                  Aeroflex UTMC          AIAA
      Aldec                  Altera                 Andraka Consulting
      Annapolis Micro          BAE Systems
      Condor Engineering     DSP Architectures      IEEE
      Lattice Semiconductor  Mentor Graphics        Nallatech
      Northrop Grumman       Quickflex              Seakr
      Space Micro            Synplicity             Synthworks Design
      Xilinx                 NASA Office of Logic Design

   For more information, please visit
   or contact:

      Richard Katz - Conference Chair   NASA Goddard Space Flight Center               Tel: (301) 286-9705

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