Problems with MC9S12NE64 and some switches


We are using a MC9S12NE64 for a RS485->Ethernet router. we've experiencing problems with certain network switches. We get packet losses when we connect the router to some switches, the packages gets sent from the MC9S12NE64 but don't end up at the receiver. But with other switches the exact same application works fine. If connect a network hub between the MC9S12NE64 and the switch the packages get's through fine.

The problem seems to be related with long packages because messages that a "small" get through fine. No package is larger then 750 bytes. Could this be a electric problem with the transmitter in the MC9S12NE64? Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

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Johnny Karlsson KTC Tech

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I doubt it's electrical, but I might be wrong.

I'd be inclined to put a packet sniffer on the network segment closest to your boards, and see what surprises you get.

ARP issue, maybe?


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Steve at fivetrees

Steve at fivetrees skrev:

Well after investigating the problem More thoroughly i found that the MC9212NE64 board always have to retransmit, and the retransmitted packet got through. When i lowered the packet size everything works. So I'm not shure why but a tcp packet size of 750bytes seems to large for the switch.

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