MBR or not? (on SD cards)

Most of the various SD cards I have examined have Master Boot Records on them (like a hard disk), but one (a Dane-Elec 128 MB) has none and starts right in with the (obviously only) volume Boot Record, like a floppy disk. Is there a "simple" "standard" way to tell whether or not a card has one?

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-- Silvar Beitel

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Silvar Beitel
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You can read the first sector of the disk and looking to see if it has a partition table in it, or you can read the first sector of the volume on the device, and assuming it's FAT (12/16/32), the disk will be partitioned if the hidden sector count (at offset +28) is non- zero. The latter is generally possible for non-FAT filesystems as well, but the details vary.

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