[Local] LynuxWorks on "BlueCat Linux"; Davis, Calif; July 1st (FREE)

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The Linux Users' Group of Davis (LUGOD), will be holding a meeting on:

  July 1st, 2003
  6:30pm - 9:00pm
  (Doors open at 6:00pm; please try to arrive on-time!)

The meeting will be held at our normal location:

  Davis Library
  Blanchard Room
  315 East 14th Street
  Davis, CA 95616

The topic will be:

  BlueCat Linux

  presented by: Vinh Du, LynuxWorks

    BlueCat Linux from LynuxWorks is an enhanced implementation
    of the Linux model, made available for use in a wide range of
    embedded systems.

    Du will discuss Embedded Systems design with Linux, embedded processor
    support for Linux, development boards, development tools for Linux,
    and networking.

For details on this meeting, visit:

  http://www.lugod.org/meeting /

For maps, directions, public transportation schedules, etc., visit:

  http://www.lugod.org/meeting/library /

LUGOD is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Linux Operating System,
and which holds meetings twice a month in Davis, CA.
Meetings are always free, and open to the public.

Please visit our website for details:

  http://www.lugod.org /

http://www.lugod.org /

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