Linux tools for Cygnal C8051F32x ?

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Hi All,

I've just started to work with Cygnal's C8051F32x family.
(I'm going to prepare some educational kits based on these
However I'd like to know if there are any Linux tools
(preferrably Open Source) for programming/debugging
these chips?

The C2 interface itself seems to be well documented.
( )
Timings seems to be easy to achieve even by software
control of pins in the LPT port (well, one exception:
C2CK low time for bit transfers - max 5000ns - probably
implementation should be done in the kernel space)

However the information about the use of C2
programming/debugging register is very sparse...
  pp. 251 and next)

Has anybody any experiences with programming/debugging
these chips from Linux?

        TIA & Best regards,
        Wojtek Zabolotny

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