KiCad - how to protect project against changing symbols in library?


I've just opened one of my old open hardware/open software projects and stated, that the schematic diagram is displayed incorrectly due to changed symbols in KiCad library. Fortunately I was able to find the old library, and copy it to the directory with my schematic. However it is not the best solution. I'd like to now if it is possible to "embed" the symbol form the library to my schematic diagram so that it is protected against any foture updates destroying the schematic?

TIA & Regards, Wojtek

PS. One of the badly affected symbols was ATMEGA8-P

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Kicad keeps the symbols used by the current project in the file [project name]-cache.lib in the project's home directory. Copy that to, say, [project name]_local.lib and add that to the project's list of "known" libraries. Move it up to the top of the list, so that symbols from that library are searched, and used, first.

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