Image capture & wearable galvanic skin response data logger?

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I'm doing some experiments with a wearable Galvanic Skin Response
recorder. This measures emotional and arousal levels from the sweat
glands on palms of hands. It's established engineering.  I can't find a
commercial wearable 24/7 version so I built one based on a Lascar data
logger, op-amp buffer and some electrodes on the palms of my hands. /
Actually a neat device, voltage logger, usb download , 32Kbyte FLASH
memory, costs A3%39.

 I  have designed a wearable camera with sensors,  that captures images
when "interesting" events occurs, around 2000 images a day. The camera
is triggered by movement, light, heat, etc  from a person and when
played back fast gives a recording of your day.  The plan is to see
when I'm (& patients) aroused by events/ images etc and sync camera
images  to the GSR. All is fun so far, e.g. the startle response my
phone rings, and my response if I'm in a meeting with people.
My request is, is there a commercial GSR logger that can be worn, as I
want something a bit more elegant and practical to give to third
parties? I've searched Google but seen nothing. We will  buy several of
these devices.

This is medical research financed by a software company, I can give you
more details if interested, it's in the public domain.


Re: Image capture & wearable galvanic skin response data logger?

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We dont have anything that exactly matches that, but do have data
logging designs and medical intrumentation experience - maybe we can


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