Full stop mode with Freescale MAC7121

Hello, I need some help to activate full stop mode in MAC7121: before I activated pseudo-stop mode, and it works fine. Now I need to activate full stop mode, but it doesn't work.

This is the code:

CRG.CLKSEL.B.PLLSEL = 0; // selected oscilator clock CRG.PLLCTL.B.PLLON = 0; // stop PLL MCM.MWCR.R=0x80; // activated wakeup on interrupt

#ifdef FULL_STOP CRG.CLKSEL.B.PSTP = 0; // full stop #else CRG.CLKSEL.B.PSTP = 1; // pseudo stop #endif CRG.SDMCTL.R = 0x01; // enter in stop mode

{ uint16_t i; for (i=0; i

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