For Sale: M68HC16Z1EVB with Filtering Package

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M68HC16Z1EVB evaluation board
You get a rather heavy flat boxes of items.  

* M68HC16Z1EVB evaluation board, with 68HC16Z1, RAM, ROM, I/O headers,
and a development area. CPU chip is socketed for replacement.
* M68HC16Z1EVB/D User's manual rev 1. Explains not only how to use the
board, but some of the software included as well.
* Analog-to-Digital converter 8/10 ADC spec sheet.
* M68HC16 Toolkit Project Software.
* MC14489 LED Driver spec sheet.
* M68HC16 CPU16 Reference manual.
* Queued Serial Module Reference manual(QSMRM/AD).
* Toolware M68HC16 Macro Assembler Ver 4.1 MASM16 and Manual.
* M68HC16 C Complier & Source Level Debugger by Intermetrics
Microsystems Software Inc. Demo Kit by Whitesmiths.
* Filter Design and Analysis System by Momentum Data Systems.

See the item here:

Here is the user's manual:

There is a bunch of support tools for this board:

I bought this item a while ago and haven't used it in years.  It was
working fine at the time of use, but I can't warranty it.


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