dsPIC 1024 or 2048 FFT?


I'm programming a dsPIC33 that has 16384 bytes of RAM. I'm trying to figure out if I can do a 1024 or 2048 FFT with this device. The code examples and twiddle factors provided from Microchip only allow lengths up to 512. Does anyone know if longer length FFTs are possible on the dsPIC33?

Thanks, Thomas Magma

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Thomas Magma
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If you are not concerned about super efficiency or super accuracy, the FFT only requires 2 x data points of RAM plus small amount for the temporary variables. Hence the 2048 point FFT at 16 bits should fit into dsPIC33.

Vladimir Vassilevsky DSP and Mixed Signal Design Consultant

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Vladimir Vassilevsky

Any idea where I could find the twiddle factors for a 16-bit 2048 point FFT?


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Thomas Magma

ok I'll bite. What is a twiddle factor?


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Bill Chernoff

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