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I'm trying to solder a DS1821 chip onto a board and connect it to an
ATMega128 for reading temperatures. I'm not too good with reading
electrical diagrams and I can't figure out how I should solder the wires

Please can someone have a look at the following link for the layout of
the DS1821 and tell me how it should be connected?


I don't understand the part where the resistor needs to be connected to
the DQ pin and then it says "Vcc" there.. does this mean that the DQ pin
needs to be joined with Vcc (the power) with the resister in between?
Please help before I blow the chip



Re: DS1821 Help

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If you can't make sense of the datasheet, that rather likely means
you're not up to the task you've set yourself, and will need help from
someone with the appropriate skills.

You should consider working through a textbook on (hobby) electronics
before you proceed.

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I suspect the only way to avoid damage to that chip, not to mention
the other expensive gadgets in the vicinity, would be if you didn't
touch a soldering iron in the first place.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker ( snipped-for-privacy@physik.rwth-aachen.de)
Even if all the snow were burnt, ashes would remain.

Re: DS1821 Help
I can read a datasheet but not an electrical circuit diagram because I
haven't done electronics. I am an experienced programmer who started
working on embedded systems just a few months ago so I'm learning :)

I got it working and figured out after struggling a bit. Thanks though,



Re: DS1821 Help
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You might try reading "Designing Embedded Hardware" from O'Reilly. A good start
for a non-hardware person (like me).

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