DS-5 opinions/reviews

In case it's not obvious, this/these are *rhetorical* questions; obviously

*I* have the sole voice in their answer.

OTOH, folks may want to ask themselves similar questions, if they can do so, "honestly".

Do you insist on free "hammers" (i.e., large rocks are always handy!)? Or, are you willing to pay for a *real* one? How much more effective

*is* that "real" hammer to justify the expense? :> (you can find rocks pretty much *anywhere* - even if your "real hammer" is back home in your toolbox!)
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Don Y
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Hi Don,

I think you are over thinking this, you can of course choose what ever tools and parts that will get the job done best and most efficiently. but the choices have consequences, i.e.

if the barrier to entry it a $1000 compiler, ability to solder BGAs, buying parts in trays of 100's you have very much limited your possible "audience"

anyway it seem like you are mostly interested in the simulation and debugging stuff that is separate from building and using the code so it may not be an issue at all


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Replying off-list. Watch your mail.


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Don Y

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