Cyan Processors - any real world views?

I have just been shown the eCOG processor from Cyan technology of Cambridge UK - a spin off from Cambridge Consultants Ltd. It looks like it would meet some of my future requirements but I would like to hear whether anyone has used them in a real product and how well they worked.

How good is the CyanIDE toolset?

Any difficulties configuring the device - the user allocation of the peripheral functions to I/O pins looks good but is its flexibility reall worthwhile?

What sort of power consumption did you get?

Any other comments would be much appreciated.

Feel free to respond off list if you want to keep the responses private.

Thank you Ian

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Ian Okey
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The standard single-source, green silicon comments and cautions apply.

- What does their processor offer, that other mainstream ones do not ? If they have a key, system critical feature, that can swing it.

- What is their family depth. Suppose your code size doubles, over the life of the product - is there a larger, same footprint member ?

- Take a scan at the expanding range of new ARM Flash micocontrollers from AnalogDevices, Philips, STm, TI, Sharp.... Or even the higher end 8051's from Cygnal, ST, AnalogDevice, TI...

- Should you need to change vendors/cores, what is time.cost budget for that ?


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