BGA in hi-rel application


I am involved in a high reliability application where the device we need to use is only available in a 208pin plastic PQFP (30mm sq) or

280pin plastic BGA (17mm sq). The environment will subject the device to elevated temperature (~115deg) and vibration (TBD). Has anyone any experience with using these types of devices in such an environment & what kind of measures can be taken to improve mechanical reliability ?

Thanks Dave

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Op Fri, 08 Jun 2007 13:31:43 +0200 schreef Daveb :

Celcius or Fahrenheit?

How much power would the device need to dissipate?

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Boudewijn Dijkstra

I've used bigger BGAs than yours and a 208pin PQFP on the same board in an avionics product and had no troubles. The temperatures were not as high as yours (+70C) but the vibration was pretty violent. We had more trouble with smaller but proportionally heavier devices like J-leaded oscillators. The root cause of that was putting microvias in the pads and using a fixing compound which actually levered the devices off when hot. If the devices are specced to handle your environment then they are probably fine to be used as they are.

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Tom Lucas

Good point Boudewijn! it's Celcius.

I'm not sure about the power dissipation at this point in time as the design is not yet finished. However I'm looking at the Quicklogic EclipsePlus range which seem to have low power dissipation. The system clock is likely to be in the region of 40MHz with no internally generated multiplied clocks. My gut feel is something like 200mA @

2.5V so the device will consume somewhere between 0.5W & 1W


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