Announcement: State-chart code generation from Metamill UML tool

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Metamill is a UML 2.3 modeling software, for visual design of UML state dia
grams. We are pleased to announce that the latest version of the sinelabore
 code-generator now supports C/C++/Java code generation from XMI files, exp
orted from Metamill.

Key features are:

- Automatic generation of production-quality code. The generated code is ba
sed on nested switch/case and if/then/else statements. It is easy to read a
nd understand.
-The generated code will not create any headache when using static code ana
- Can be used with any 8-, 16- or 32-bit target, with or without OS/RTOS.
- There is no run-time environment needed.
- Fits well in different system designs. The code-generator does not dictat
e how you design your system. Therefore it is no problem to use the generat
ed code in the context of a real-time operating system or within an interru
pt service routine or in a foreground / background system.
- No gap between design and code

A demo version is available at

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