Advice needed for microcontroller products bought in Germany

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Greetings everyone,

We had bought two microcontrollers from Sunrise Systems, GmbH, Germany
( ) and performed payment as per
their instructions. We are based out of US.

Since then, Susrise Systems, GmbH, has failed to deliver the products
and that is the reason I wanted to ping this group for advice. What
needs to be done in order to get our money refunded since the vendor is
in Germany? Repeated reminders for cancellation of order or request for
delivery are not helping.

Also, if anyone in this forum has had similar experience dealing with
vendors in Germany and can advice regarding this topic is appreciated.
Thank you for your advice.

with regards,

Bobby Sardana.

Re: Advice needed for microcontroller products bought in Germany
If you paid by credit card then just contact the card issuer. If you didnt them
you are up s**t creek without a paddle. You could take action in the German
courts but as its a limited company they are probably broke anyway so it would
just be good money after bad.

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