Where can I get cheap 12DC power supplies?

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Hope someone can help me here

I keep paying over the odd for power supplies from a well known components distributor, around £20 to £30 just for 12V 500mA DC plug pack, you know, the ones which come with the variety of connectors for plugging in to various equipment such as personal CD players.

Does anyone have any idea where I can buy small quantities (say 20 at a time) of 12V 500mA to 1A DC REGULATED power supplies? I also need the option of using UK or US mains outlets, so I like the idea of the laptop style ones that take the figure of eight connector. Thanks for your time!


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Jameco below has a lot of power supplies.

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Si Ballenger

Try a computer vendor who takes trade-ins.

A non operative unit is usually very cheap and the Power supply may still be working.

You get 12 v. and lots of 5 v capability from a ATX machine.

Not a lab supply but reasonably well regulated

Poppa J

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Dick Johnson

Sure, not a problem. Two requirements...

First the power supply will need a reasonable load to operate properly. I attach one of the connectors to an old disk drive that draws an amp or two of +5v and also an amp or two of +12v. Works well.

Second, one of the wires on the ATX connector needs to be connected to ground (also known as "common") to turn on the power supply. This wire is in the middle of the connector, and a ground is adjacent. The pin number is 14, and the wire is supposed to be green (and the ground black). I usually use a little pair of spring-closing tweezers to connect the two.

Here is the google "lucky" reference for a pinout diagram:

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Sylvan Butler

I wanted to use an ATX power supply to provide 12vdc to car radio in my house, but was told that it would not operate unless it was physically connected to a motherboard.

Is there a way to use it without it being connected to a motherboard?


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Hi, I used a 12V lamp from a car (25 watt) or similar for the load on my power supply, used a cable tie to hold it on the inside of the case behind the vent slots.

Thanks, Kiwi Pete.

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