Parallel Controlled Solid State 48v switching?

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Anyone know a way to switch 48v with solid state components?

I've got a rough design to use a parallel port (controller side is not an
issue) to switch on/off low-levels lines .. I know I could use a relay to
switch the 48v lines on/off, but this project will involve rapid switching
at points, and the noise alone of the relays would be a problem.

Can anyone suggest a solid-state type of setup to handle switching 48v with
parallel port ~5v input switching? A bit of searching has identified "SSR"
as a suitable unit, but I cannot find something matching that description in

Thanks in advance!

Re: Parallel Controlled Solid State 48v switching?

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SSR = solid state relay.  Farnell and RS carry them.  Maybe Rockby.

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