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I got two lab power supplies, which have amp and voltage control.

Now I need to know whether the ground on them is floating or not. I mean that there is no direct connection from the minus pole to electricity network. I don't know the right word for it in English. But what I am after is that do they disconnect the device connected to them from the electrical network with a transformer.

Hope someone knows how to measure that somehow. They are installed in tight place and I would not rather to dig them out. Air circulation is adequate - I think...

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With the supplies turned off, measure the resistance of both the minus pole and the positive pole of the power supplies to the power or chassis ground. The supplies should be disconnected from the loads to insure that any measured resistance is not external to the supplies. If the resistance is in the megohm range or higher, the supplies are isolated. If the supplies are not isolated, the resistance would measure a few ohms or less to ground. Any other resistance means that there is some sort of leakage or resistance path to ground. Repeat the measurements with the ohmmeter leads reversed to insure that the isolation is bipolar and not through a diode.

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