"Electronic" 12V transformers for halogens

Easy question - please don't get turned off by all this text! =)

I bought a 12V "Electronic" transformer for a 12V 50W halogen bulb. The one I bought is a Nelson Micro 60, and they are pretty damn small, and light!

I have a circuit that will turn on and off this transformer, i.e. has 240V outputs. These outputs are apparently controlled by triacs.

The above circuit manual specifically says that it requires, (note the quotation marks >), "a Resistive Load, i.e. 240V incandescent bulbs, and NOT fluoro lamps, energy saving lamps, lamps with chokes, etc)"... connected to the Output, or it may not work. I looked up the specs for the transformer ...

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... but it doesn't mention anything about resistance.

Can I connect this transformer directly or not? Or would I have to connect a high-wattage resistor or something in parallel to the transformer's Input?

By the way, yes, I *could have* used the 240V halogens instead of the 12V ones (where I need a transformer), but I bought all the bits and pieces (except for the transformers) a couple of years back, even before the 240V halogens became available. I bought these transformers only because of their very small size and light weight, which is a special requirement for my project.

One more question... Would it hurt the transformer if it is switched on and off regularly (seemings though it's electronic, and not the old electromagnetic one)?

Thanks in advance.

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