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1) Where can i find an programm that has an listing or HEX-file for an PIC16F84 To convert to an processor in the 8051-familie? (for an 80C537)

2) I look an schematic for an Frequency counter with 8051-processor.

With thank Christophe (Sorry for the bad English)

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I think chances of finding a program to convert a PIC source code to

8051 are approximately zero.
Peter Bennett, VE7CEI  
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Peter Bennett

There once was an assembler by Parallax that converted 8051 type instructions into (often multiple) PIC instructions. I've never played with it, and I have no idea how close to 8051 instructions they were.

But, yes, the architectures are so different that any expectation of taking a program *written* for an 8051 and converting it to PIC is likely to be false. The idea of the Parallax system was to simplify the learning curve for 8051 programmers who wanted to try PICs, not to convert existing programs.

If the program is already in 8051 assembler, it's almost surely best to stick with an 8051 variant.

Best regards, Spehro Pefhany

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Spehro Pefhany

That's why they pay us so much money!

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I could not find a source for 80c587, but PICs are cheap and available. Why feed a dead horse?

formatting link

(16 functions including 8 digit frequency counter to 50Mhz)

Luhan Monat (luhanis 'at' yahoo 'dot' com)
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Luhan Monat

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