cc at powersupply

we r doing one project based on uc.we want 2 supply voltages one is

5v,and another is 3.3v.we r using adjustable voltage regulator to adjust the o/p voltage.i will consume 50mA,but we slowly increase the voltage, the current at the powersupply increse sharply that is more than 1A it will consume.Plse tell me what r the reasons the power supply in cc
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What are the specifications for the active components?

If a part needs 5 volts, generally they mean 5 volts plus or minus 10%. More than this and you will release the magic smoke (and observe the increase in current as you do so).

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Lord Garth


I realize that you may not fully comprehend the English language but, you need to consider writing your future questions in English with complete sentences.

In this case, describing what you're attempting to accomplish for the sake of the design requirements. I wouldn't assume that everyone knows what you mean when using acronyms. Example, "r," "cc," or "plse."

Spell them out completely:

  1. are
  2. please
  3. increase

Cheers, Mr. Mentor

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I'm sorry, my newsreader can't read SMS messages.


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David L. Jones

sounds like the power supply maybe going into oscillation or, you have a component on the load that isn't able to handle the increase of voltage.

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