VHF Digital Prescaler

Last VHF PLL I did was back in the late '80s, using the Motorola 145152 prescaled with the MC12016. I've still got a few of these devices laying around when we ceased production on this model, but I've got a wild hair about another product with a similar requirement.

Of course, these devices are long since obsoleted. Lansdale isn't showing any product available, and I'd prefer not to use a graveyard supplier in any case.

What's the bonehead simple method of choice for VHF PLL use today? I'd prefer through-hole, but can use SMD if I have to. Suggestions?


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RST Engineering (jw)
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Nat Semi makes several, SMD though. Also ADI.


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Fujitsu MB501 MB506 MB510 etc.

Steve Roberts

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