Slightly OT: More adventures in virtualization

This works pretty dern well:

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In specific, the XP Mode might enable you to run old software on a new computer. And there's MyOldPC, which is supposed to allow you to virtualize an old PC fairly easily ( but that I have not tried ).

I have a couple of software packages from Win3.11 days running on a VM from these guys.

-- Les Cargill

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Les Cargill
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Hmm, if =they can't setup a web site? How good are their products?


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It's well worth looking at VirtualBox. It just works - and lets you run Windows on a Linux box or vice versa. You can even do things like running MSDOS under Linux. There is obviously some slowdown, but for many purposes this is a really useful tool.


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John Walliker

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I've had good experiences with V.Box also. It just keeps getting better.


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